Monthly Sticker Club

amazing deals, monthly themes, & quirky cuteness!

Rule #1: What happens in sticker club, stays in sticker club. All Designs are EXCLUSIVE, meaning you won't find them sold in my shop ever again once the month ends. Each sticker design is unique, and if you miss it it's gone forever! You are getting a truly special *collectable* item.

Rule #2: Choose your commitment level. Options include monthly payments (zero commitment), a 6 month-plan, or a 1 year-plan.

Rule #3: Go crazy! All active subscribers can purchase an additional package (or two, or three) of the monthly stickers at a discounted price of $8.89! Meaning if you are in love with the current monthly theme of stickers and want multiples, you can buy the package again for even less.

Rule #4: Tell your friends! You will recieve a free bonus sticker in you next subscription package every time you refer a friend to the monthly sticker club if they subscribe and list your name.

* Please note that all other products purchased at the same time as the monthly sticker subscription will ship on their own seperate from the monthly sticker club subscription. The monthly sticker club subscriptions will ship out during the first week of every month and are sent by USPS First Class Mail without tracking. New subscribers: don't forget to subscribe by the 21st of the month to receive the upcoming month's sticker club package!

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