Moving to California

Moving to California

Hi friends, I’m skipping the usual art-talk this week to write about my big move to California and answer the popular questions I keep getting asked.


Why are you moving?

My partner was offered an amazing job a few months back and the company’s headquarters is in Mountain View, California. He has to move for work, and I have always wanted to spend time on the west coast. Thankfully my job with quirky burp can be taken just about anywhere, so it felt like the perfect opportunity for us to explore a new place together!

Are you still going to be continuing your business?

Yes!!! I have plans to grow quirky burp even bigger on the west coast. I will be vending at California-based art markets and running my online shop as usual. I plan to find all of the cute, local-owned, retail shops to sell my cards and stickers in, and expand the number of retailers who carry quirky burp. Leaving space for amazing, unexpected opportunities to find me too.

Will you still have your cards carried by any shops on the east coast?

Yes! You will still be able to shop quirky burp cards, stickers, and buttons at The Burncoat Center For Arts And Wellness in Worcester, MA. I will be shipping them new inventory and keeping their store stocked with all your favorites as well as new designs. Other places that carry a selection of quirky burp cards include Wachu Makin in Holden MA, Celebrated Co. Vegan Bakery in Warwick RI, and Xhale Massage and Relaxation in Stow MA.

Are you driving or flying?

Flying! As fun as driving sounds, we took the easy way for this one.

Are you closing your online shop down as you move?

As I spend these next couple weeks moving and trying to find housing in Cali, custom orders will be the only part of my shop getting fulfilled as normal. Starting this Saturday June 18th, you will still be able to order everything else (stickers, greeting cards, prints, magnets, original art, t-shirts) but they will take 2-3 weeks to ship! I won’t have access to my printer or inventory until we find housing so all new orders won’t get mailed until the first or second week of July. I will be bringing my markers and paper with me though so Pet Portraits, Cartoon Portraits, Logo Design, and all Custom Orders will remain open as normal.

Are you excited?

Heck yes!!!! And a little nervous of course too. But excitement is definitely the primary feeling!! I have truly always wanted to live in California, and I feel like the new environment is going to match my energy. I’m so looking forward to exploring the vegan scene, checking out the local museums, and meeting new people. I will absolutely miss you all so much, but thank goodness for social media. <3

Are you planning on coming back?

Honestly, who knows lol. We are just excited for this new adventure and whatever the future holds!

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So excited for you!! I know you will do great things out there Shayna. xo


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