Brand Design

quirky burp illustrations started as a pile of hand-cut stickers and humorous greeting cards. I had a small collection of work I was selling online and at events, and knew if I wanted to take my hobby to the next level I needed a cohesive brand. I started the design process knowing a few simple guidelines:

1. I wanted my business to feel "down to Earth" and have an approachable and silly energy.

2. I love rich saturated colors. They bring me joy, and at the time I was making all of my art with a set of colorful markers. I knew the branding colors should be in line with the work I was making.

3. I wanted my branding to be FUN!

Business Tagline: May Contain Rainbows or Raccoons

From the silly business name, and bold statement font, to the bright blue and pink colors—I absolutely love the final branding for quirky burp illustrations, and feel as though it fits my overall message perfectly.

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