I'm Shayna—illustrator, entrepreneur, and story-teller.

My greatest accomplishment has been building a stationery business from the ground up called quirky burp illustrations. It has challenged and strengthened my design skills in several areas including branding, retail packaging, print, email marketing, social media, and of course, stationery design!

Brand Design

I designed my business to reflect the unapologetic, colorful, quirkiness involved with being an open-hearted human being. From the name to the saturated color palette, the quirky burp branding captures the fun of it's products and customers.

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Kids Apparel Design

I love creating seasonal and timeless designs that are fun, colorful, and beautifully composed.

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Social Media Design

I design graphics, thumbnails, and content on a daily basis for Instagram and Youtube to keep my followers engaged, entertained, and informed on my business, quirky burp illustrations. My graphics aim to reflect the silly, colorful, and illustrative style of the brand.

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Stationery Design

Approximately every 3 months (around national holidays) quirky burp has a new product launch of greeting cards and stickers. I have designed hundreds of greeting cards, and proudly work with 15 independent retailers to sell my products.

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